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Wait \’till they get hold of this statistic

Here\’s what is actually being said:

Criminals found guilty of rape have an average of four previous convictions each, figures have shown.

Here\’s what it will morph into:

Criminals found guilty of rape have an average of four previous convictions for rape each, figures have shown.

Mark my words, this will become a common meme.

14 thoughts on “Wait \’till they get hold of this statistic”

  1. The astounding thing is that it is often the same people claiming that we should not lock people who have committed (other) crime up and that we should look people who have committed rape up.

  2. But surely this false meme can’t survive because it negates the “all men are rapists” false meme?

    If only 20% of women have been sexually assaulted and each convicted rapist has 5 convictions, then you can construct a logical chain (with some simplifications) which suggests that no more than 1 in 20 men are rapists.

    I did think non-reporting would affect it but, of course, it also reduces the number of convictions for the rapists, therefore is on both sides of the equation (it being rare to be convicted of a rape which was not reported.)

  3. Sex criminals get a pretty hard time from the normal criminals. Perhaps therefore they should be given shorter sentences to compensate them for the threats of the self righteous.
    Just sayin’ Julia.

  4. SE, you’re thinking logic is a factor …

    No, not really. “Thinking”, that is. Hoping (against honest expectations) that it might enter in to some of the reporting and discussion of the data, however 🙂

  5. Ah, but SE, they would respond that all men ARE rapists, and only a small proportion of men have actually had their crimes punished.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    So …. the best way to reduce the number of rape victims is a Three Strike law?

    Anyone like to suggest anything else you are never likely to hear from Britain’s ruling class?

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