Well, quite

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Otty told The Daily Telegraph: “The only way you can resolve this issue is through a legal code. I don’t see how you can have any assessment on payments of tax other than what is in the statute. The simplest solution is to stop banging on about morality and change the law. ”

In a country enjoying the rule of law what else could possibly be the solution?

2 thoughts on “Well, quite”

  1. Yeh, we’ll all be morally better off (if financially rather, errm, impoverished) if we let Ritchie issue us all tax assessments based on his personal perception of our income and a “fair tax rate”.

    Of course, all companies will pay 100% of his assessment of their fair UK turnover (+ a 105% withholding tax for all of their non-UK turnover, as apportioned by the Lord High Tax Denouncer) and there will be a “neo-liberal Tory-supporting evil capitalist” personal surtax of 150% but, remember, it is necessary to build the Socialist Utopia and those HMRC pensions won’t pay themselves …

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