Why do we trust these fuckwits with anything complex?

This idea that the State, the all encompassing government, can aid and help us in these complex moments of life? That they\’ve got the power, the will and even the ability, to solve difficult things?

A \”completely unacceptable\” UK Border Agency backlog of more than 16,000 applications from migrants for permission to stay in Britain, some of them dating back almost a decade, has been uncovered by the chief inspector of borders and immigration.

John Vine says the backlog includes 14,000 people who are married to British citizens but whose appeals were put on hold while UKBA sorted out a policy to deal with them. The chief inspector says this marriage backlog was rising at the rate of 700 a month when he carried out his inspection last September.

He also raises \”particular concern\” over an extra 2,100 cases of temporary migrants in Britain who have not even had an initial decision on their applications to extend their stay in the country.

Vine says the files in these \”complex\” cases, which go back to 2003, were discovered in boxes that had been transferred last March from a UKBA unit in Croydon to their offices in Sheffield where they had not been dealt with at the time of the inspection.

They\’re not actually capable of getting a bureaucrat to read a file. Something which should be about as difficult as persuading a pig to rootle in the mud. I mean, this is what they are for, this is what bureaucrats do. Read files.

So the argument in favour of letting these fuckwits run our health care system, education system, economy, is what?

20 thoughts on “Why do we trust these fuckwits with anything complex?”

  1. It must be pretty easy to check on how many of these 14,000 couples are kosher. Some of them must be drawing multiple child benefit by now.

  2. how long since the border control/immigration function of the home office was deemed ‘not fit for purpose’?
    how many re-organisations have there been in response to hysterical shrieks from the media/commentators?

  3. Arnald: the boxes are in the UKBA’s care, even if the process of reading them had been outsourced it must still be the work of the UKBA to get the files to the people that should read them

    Not to talk about the fact that outsourcing seems to work pretty well for a lot of companies and when it doesn’t things will be brought back in-house ASAP. Just shows how poor the government is even at running tenders for outsourcing stuff. (something that will be confirmed by anyone who has ever been involved in responding to government tenders, in the UK or elsewhere)

  4. Arnald // Jan 24, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Weren’t alot of the processes outsourced?

    By bureaucrats and just because something is outsourced it doesn’t absolve the organisation doing the outsourcing from overall responsibility.

    It shouldn’t have needed the inspector to spot this problem.

  5. Yep, not denying the points. It’s just the more times you pass on the ‘too difficult’ boxes, the longer they get left. Regardless of who it is.

    It’s not peculiar to the public sector though. I do agree it’s pathetic.

  6. Much more common in the public sector tho’. If private companies screw up they tend to get shit-canned(unless they are contracting for the state, when they get “extensions” and “renegotiations” from the senior bureaucrat who gave them the contract ’cause the said bureaucrat doesn’t want any heat on his/her arse).

  7. “Some of them must be drawing multiple child benefit by now.”

    And some of those might even have children.

  8. Philip Scott Thomas


    Seriously, mate, you could have a career as a comedian. The laugh quotient is enormous.

    Weren’t alot of the processes outsourced?

    Really? “alot”? At what school were you educated?

    And, of course, the other day you actually used the word “imagineering”. And yet you think we should trust you as a judge of literary quality.

    I’m still laughing, so well done you.

  9. @Philip Scott Thomas:

    Please don’t pick on Arnald’s language skills, it most be remembered that Arnald is a foreigner on Guernsey’s fair shores, so English probably isn’t his first language, it’ll be French, German, Italian or (highly unlikely I would have thought) Romansh.

    That’s what happens when you allow dodgy foreigners on our shores, dependencies, dominions and Bailiwick’s.

    No doubt I will now be subject to an offensive riposte from our itinerant Channel Islander. Such is life…

  10. PST
    alot is a simple typo

    imagineering, however, is a word

    “the implementing of creative ideas into practical form. ”

    And you can’t spell my name.

  11. The boxes probably contain the ton of detailed documentation that’s demanded, especially since they related to appeals; in order for it not to be read, apparently.

    Why are we paying for all this?

    They should simply repeal the Nationality Act provision that stopped automatic citizenship on marriage.

  12. @ CHF
    That was a consequence of a previous error that effectively abolished the insurance bit of “National Insurance”: if NHS, unemployment benefit, old age pensions etc reverted to being conditional on the guy’s (i.e. claimant’s or husband’s) contribution record, Labour would never have had a reason for all that racist legislation.

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