Advice to Neal Lawson

Shopping, not work, is the primary means by which society now reproduces itself,

No, not really. Reproduction is still mostly done by fucking, just as it always has been.

The rest of it is confused even for Lawson. Essentially, Yay! for consumer boycotts because that us the citizenry sticking it to The Man. But this is bad because it\’s consumerism. Or something.

5 thoughts on “Advice to Neal Lawson”

  1. But even if you accept his hypothesis:

    is now the dominant site of struggle between people and corporate might

    you would have to assume that “cultural propagation” is all about the struggle between people and the evil baby-eating capitalist banksters and their worker-crushing cronies. Which is a very Marxist thing of you to do.

    I would expect that, frankly, the currently dominant mode of cultural propagation is online, possibly even social media. Of course, that may not be the sort of “culture” that would get Neal panties moist – it doesn’t attract quite enough government subsidy, for a start, but it is how a lot of cultural memes, good or bad, spread nowadays.

    Which is, of course, a very first world attitude for me to demonstrate …

  2. “Today we watch films about the Dagenham Ford seamstresses and their sepia struggle for justice together. Tomorrow the films will be about Cait Reilly and her lonely legal struggle against Poundland.”



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