Anyone read Al Gore\’s new book, \”The Future\”?

I\’d be interested to hear what he says about resource availability.

I know he mentions it but does he only go with oil and fracking? Or does he talk about metals and minerals as well?

6 thoughts on “Anyone read Al Gore\’s new book, \”The Future\”?”

  1. Tim

    I’d sooner read something by Obama, I’m afraid. I’m always reminded of the description of Gore (in contrast to then President Clinton) by the Opponent of Racial Preferences Ward Connerly, in his superb book ‘Creating Equal’ – he contrasted Clinton’s essential bonhomie and willingness to listen (although he thought it somewhat insincere in part) with Gore’s priggishness, mind-numbing political correctness and the ease with which he took vicarious offence on behalf of every ‘minority’ then grinding an axe.

    I may not have had a great deal of time for George W.Bush but he was most definitely the lesser of two evils and fair play – he won in the face of massive and sustained attempts at voter fraud by the Left. In terms of the book – I’ll check if any Left wing denizens have yet read it and get back to you….

  2. Voter fraud in the USA is statistically insignificant and roughly equal between the two major parties. I agree with you on Gore though, the man is a colossal prat.

  3. Matthew L (#4) I’d agree that overall the fraud is negligible (although there were some odd rumblings from Ohio, especially this time round) – it’s just to make the point that the standard Michael Moore narrative (regurgitated by the Left ad nauseam over here)is that Gore lost the 2000 election to voter fraud – in fact it worked the other way.

    The northern Panhandle Counties in Florida (far less densely populated but predominantly Republican )closed their polls too early so an estimated 20,000 votes for Bush were lost in Cities like Pensacola and Panama Beach and across counties that don’t have more than a handful of people in them – but the Liberal media couldn’t care less about them because they were either the wrong colour, rural , churchgoing or otherwise Conservative so they don’t count. That was the point – but I agree voter fraud is not normally a major concern.

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