Arbitrage and speculation

You\’ll never get rid of it you know:

While Speight, seen above, was being processed at police headquarters, he “was found to be in possession of 100 bags of heroin which were concealed in his anus and undetectable at the scene.” Police estimated the heroin’s vale at $1000 in New York City, and $2000 in upstate New York, “where both subjects were traveling to.”

A note to those who would ban speculation in food. Even if you succeed in making it illegal you\’ll still not manage to stop it.

3 thoughts on “Arbitrage and speculation”

  1. Bit of a difference between financial speculation and physical arbitrage, though. The latter has significant cost associated (e.g. the risk of dying or going to jail after sticking a kilo of smack up your arse), whilst the former has none.

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