Are you like a sausage in a windtunnel?

So, get the ad banned:

The man contacted advertising watchdogs after being bombarded with ads telling him his penis size was a \”disappointment\” and that his partner might be \”turned off\”.

The ad boasted men could \”have a penis that\’s inches longer and much thicker naturally, without surgery, pumps or exercise. Guaranteed or your money back!\” with the help of Maximus penis enlargement capsules.

The direct mailing, headed \”Dear XXXX\”, said: \”Is the size of your penis a disappointment to you and your partner? Sexually, do you feel so inadequate that the inability to satisfy your partner leaves you demoralised and depressed at how little you have to offer?

\”Your lack of confidence and low self esteem is making you unattractive to others. Any partner you have is simply turned off by your small size and the chances of attracting anyone else are zero – you\’re just too scared to reveal what little you have. It\’s a vicious circle.\”

But for one man, the ads aimed at tackling his manhood came too thick and fast after he began receiving the Life Healthcare four page mailing on his doorstep on a monthly basis so he complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ASA noted the man had not requested the mailing and might be put out by ads suggesting his penis size might be a \”disappointment\”, that he might feel \”inadequate\” and that his partner might be \”turned off\” by him.

They felt the repeated references to how the size of his manhood and sexual performance could be improved with the Maximus capsules, along with the personal nature of the suggestions – especially when coupled with the more general graphic and sexually explicit sexual references – were likely to cause seriously offence and breached the Code.

I dunno, I really don\’t. How wonderful that we such an incredibly wealthy society that we have a formal structure to deal with such first world problems.

How wonderful that such an obvious scam as penis enlargement pills get told where to go.

But it does all sound a bit whiny, the original complaint, doesn\’t it?

11 thoughts on “Are you like a sausage in a windtunnel?”

  1. To goad him into making that much effort, something about that spam must have gotten under the guy’s skin. One might infer a reason for that.

  2. Hmm. If ads targetted at women were saying that their genitals (or perhaps their breasts) were disappointing to their partners, etc, would you think it “whiny” for the women to object?

  3. perhaps he is just a whimsical chap who did it for his own amusement. I know a guy who likes to write absurd complaints to companies and see what kind of replies he gets.

  4. Agree with Widmerpool.

    My brother once complained to McCoys crisps because of the strap line “The Big Chip from The Big Country” when they are/were made in the UK. He also made suggestions about transporting the crisps upside-down so the flavour would be better distributed in the pack when opened the right way up.

    Or the kid who complained about Tiger Bread.

  5. I emailed McCain a while back to tell them they had a consistent problem with oven chip bags splitting down the seam. They were very grateful for the feedback, and sent me vouchers. Which was nice.

  6. But it does all sound a bit whiny, the original complaint, doesn’t it?

    To be fair, most of the non-upheld complaints made (and a not insubstantial number of the ones that are upheld) come across as whiny.

  7. Funny, I haven’t received any of these ads for years now.
    I wonder if women get targeted for the reverse condition. After all, you never hear of an ugly sister having feet too small for Cinderella’s slipper, do you?

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