Can someone technical help me out here?

I\’ve tried cutting a specific graph out of this .pdf and I just cannot work out how to do it at all.

It entirely boggles me that cut and paste works with text and not with an image. Why?

Anyway, does anyone know how, or would anyone do it for me, to get Figure 4, on page 12 of this ,pdf, into a JPEG or whatever that I can then place in a WordPress blog post?


UPDATE: This problem has now been solved, see comment 1. Ta!


And to those telling me to use the \”Edit\” menu. What edit menu? My version of Adobe doesn\’t seem to have one.

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  1. throw away adobe and download pdf xchange, it’s free 1/10 of the size quicker more stable and has dozens of extra functions, I extracted your graph in about ten secs

  2. Use the ‘Take a Snapshot’ option in the Edit menu – copies whatever you select as an image that you can then paste as a JPEG or whatever other format you desire (use Paste Special to choose between JPEG, Bitmap etc)

  3. Easiest way: get the image onscreen. Press Alt+Print Screen keys, which will copy the entire pdf window to the clipboard. Paste into your favourite image editor. Crop to the image, resize and save as a jpeg.

  4. Or, if you are using Windows, just resize to what resolution you want, then hit Alt-PrtSc, copy-paste to your favourite image editing software (use Windows Paint if desperate), crop and copy wherever you like.

    There are also better alternatives, like SnagIt, Harcopy, etc. but if you’re not able to install anything (a common problem in corporate-managed IT) then this will do.

  5. “What edit menu? My version of Adobe doesn’t seem to have one.”

    Well, yes, in that case you’re probably going to struggle. Lord knows why you don’t have one. Anyway, I see you’re sorted.

  6. A while back Adobe introduced an abbreviated toolbar which (on my system) is bottom right of the screen. I get the full menu back by saving the .pdf then opening it again in Adobe Reader with a double click in Explorer.

    Agree about pdf xchange, or you could use Foxit.

  7. I tried Foxit, but on many pdfs it munged up the fonts, oveprinted lines, etc. Might just be my system of course.

  8. Tim, when you say your version of Adobe doesn’t have an edit menu, do you mean the version of Adobe that opens inside a web browser, or the version of Adobe that you get when opening a file locally (having saved it from the browser)? In my case, the former doesn’t have such an option, while the latter does.

    (Yes, I know it doesn’t really matter now.)

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