Doesn\’t life just fly past?

The Sunday Telegraph’s rugby correspondent, Paul Ackford, was presented with a Harlequins shirt at half-time as the club recognised his retirement from the paper after 20 years. Ackford said: “It was fitting that I ended my writing career at the same place as my playing career.”


And I can remember when he first joined the paper too. I can even remember thinking, after the first few columns, blimey, this copper/ex-international can write, can\’t he?

Tempus fugit etc.

3 thoughts on “Doesn\’t life just fly past?”

  1. As Uncle Fred said after meeting a school friend who had somehow become a greybeard, this sort of thing blurs my perception of myself as a young man, standing on the threshold of life.

    Mind you, he’s retiring at 55. That’s barely old enough to be a hero in an action movie, nowadays.

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