Huhne pleads guilty? You what?

My colleage Esther Addley has just tweeted this.

Chris #Huhne pleads guilty to perverting the course of justice

— esther addley (@estheraddley) February 4, 2013


Have we actually had a Cabinet Minister plead guilty to this charge before?

19 thoughts on “Huhne pleads guilty? You what?”

  1. I don’t think our society is actually any more corrupt than it was when I were a lad, it’s just that we are finding out about it now.

    Senior police officers in gaol, bankers swindling everybody, doctors murdering us and now cabinet ministers committing major crimes – there is lots more to come, I am sure.

  2. @ Rob. Max sentence is life but he won’t get that. But given the way he was wriggled and the days of legal argument covered by sections of the Contempt of Court Act where, one assumes…(no I’d better not speculate; orders still active as far as I know), he’s got to looking at a year +. It will be most interesting to know, when Mrs Pryce’s trial ends, what that legal argument was all about.

  3. From the Independent link posted in comment #2:

    “Watch the video above of Chris Huhne denying the charges last year.”

    Now that’s just rubbing it in…

  4. Alan: if you’re bang to rights, but copping to the offence will ruin everything, and getting off will make things OK, then sometimes (expensive, competent) solicitors will advise you to hang around for jury trial in the hope that the CPS and other powers that be will fuck things up and the case’ll be tossed out. Assuming this was Huhne’s strategy here.

    BiS: “first offense” is based on “first time you’re caught”, but yes.

  5. Hmm. No matter how much my ex screwed me over, I’m fairly certain I could come up with better revenges than a plan that trashed my own reputation and got me sent to jail too (unless Mrs Huhne’s trial goes spectacularly well, in which case she wins all the prizes).

  6. Amusing that he changed his plea right before jury trial. There is presumably no hard evidence (picture of Huhne at the wheel, etc), so it comes down to he said / she said. And Huhne (or his brief) seems to think that a jury of his peers wouldn’t be persuaded by much he said. I wonder why…

  7. Can I get offended on behalf of the autistic spectrum disorder community for PH describing CH as an “autistic piece of shit”?

    PJF makes an interesting point. Would you really convict someone on the testimony of a jilted spouse and vengeful son? They must have really thought there were big holes in the defence.

  8. On behalf of the autistic spectrum disorder community can I get offended about us being tarred with the brush of having a Liberal Democrat ex-minister including amongst our outstanding field?

  9. re evidence, I vaguely recall the Mail tried to recreate the journey he had allegedly done i.e. his alibi and it was not possible.

  10. @18
    It was always hard to follow the logic of what was supposed to have occurred. The Stansted shuttle runs every 20 minutes or so & the transit time to Liverpool Street Station is less than 40 minutes. La Pryce would have driven within a mile or so of Liverpool Street Station & a likely route from the West End would also take her past Tottenham Hale station, one stop back from LST. The journey out of Central London to the start of the M11/Stansted can be, to say the least, full of surprises. Can take 20 minutes. Could take hour & 20 minutes. So why would she do what could be a fraught drive, under time pressure, when she could have simply picked the Huhne up from either station with minimum inconvenience & save herself an hour & a half of motoring? Depends on their final destination, of course, but it’s still easier to drive to South London, chez Huhne, from Liverpool Street than from the wilds of Essex.

    Of only passing interest, La Trimmingham was living not far from the M11 terminus on the A406 North Circular for a while. These odd coincidences happen, don’t they?

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