More evidence that politics is showbusiness for ugly people

This Lib Dem stuff all does have a ring to it, doesn\’t it?

More allegations of inappropriate conduct were levelled at Lord Rennard, the former party chief executive, including claims that female candidates who wanted access to funding had to put up with harassment.

One woman claimed that she was molested at a party for Nick Clegg’s victory as Lib Dem leader, and there were also claims that MPs knew that women were the targets of harassment.

A former party worker claimed that it was “common knowledge” that Lord Rennard had tried to talk a young activist into bed, which was known in Lib Dem circles as the “Peterborough incident”.

\”If you\’d just like to take your knickers off and sit over on that couch there then we\’ll get on with the casting session dear\” doesn\’t immediately strike me as being all that different from \”so you\’d like to be a candiadate, would you?\”.

One wonders rather what the going tariff was. In the movies it has been said that a well timed blow job could upgrade an extra into a speaking role. Would this be true of, say, moving from the Parish Council elections to the County ones?

One other parallel suggests itself as well: the apocryphal actress who exclaimed \”Who do I have to fuck to get off this movie?\”. As both Mark Oaten and Jeremy Thorpe showed, it\’s not that simple in the Lib Dems. You\’ve got to be found out too.

And of course, there\’s a decent dose of paranoia about it all:

In the febrile atmosphere there were even rumours that the emergence of a number of women alleging misconduct was due to a dirty-tricks campaign launched by Mr Huhne or his friends to disrupt the Lib Dem campaign in Eastleigh.

Purely a personal opinion of course but I wouldn\’t pout it past him.

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  1. “In the movies it has been said that a well timed blow job could upgrade an extra into a speaking role.”

    Hopefully not with their mouths full…?

  2. The thing it makes me wonder is this; since we are assured by our friends in both the Feminist and Familee Valews moovments that a woman’s virtue is a pearl of almost infinite price, and thus the expropriation of it is a crime of the most terrible type and a harm that can never be healed, we are left to wonder what the staggeringly huge benefits are which one can accrue by, er, ascending the greasy pole in the, er, Liberal Democrat Party. If women were really giving away everything they hold dear, then Rennard must have some pretty serious gift to offer in return.

    In this analysis, doesn’t this really stand as an indictment of a political system riven by patronage and corruption, and an indictment of party politics?

    “female candidates who wanted access to funding”

    Oh, well that’s quite handy then. We can use the levels of “funding” acquired by the sexually expropriated to ascertain the money-value of cunt. And thus, at least in economic terms, the degree of the crime.

    Was it more than 39 shillings?

  3. female candidates who wanted access to funding

    Isn’t there a term for women who put out for money?

    P.J. O’Rourke was right with his Parliament of Whores, wasn’t he?

  4. Both are about people holding the gift to grant to people one of a number of people who are similarly talented.

    Millions of young women want to be actresses. Of those, tens of thousands are good enough. A few are exceptional (Kathryn Hepburn, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett), but most are easily interchangable, but can do a small speaking part adequately.

    Likewise, in “safe” seats, you could put a gerbil up for election, and they’d win. How do you decide between half a dozen people, all of whom will win the seat? As the “rights-holder”, you might as well extract value for your right.

    This does make me wonder about the rise of “all-women” shortlists. I’m sure at one time that this matter was resolved with bags of fivers, but people will notice that sort of thing today, and anti-corruption laws will see you doing time for it.

    So, how else do you maximise the value of your gift? Which makes me wonder about “all-women shortlists”. If you’re trading in sexual favours, it’s going to be obvious that you’re picking women, so, you create all-women shortlists, get your jollies and no-one is the wiser.

    Here’s a comment from Michael Crick in 2010:

    “What’s even more remarkable is the type of seats these youthful MPs are representing. In the past very young MPs were usually elected in marginal seats, and places they weren’t really expected to win. But most of the young Labour MPs, at least, are in safe seats.”

  5. Ian B,

    Did you just say that the appropriate recompense for having something forcefully taken from you is the value you (or someone similar) would offer it willingly?

    Does free will have no value to you?

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