My word, my word

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Consideration was received for the editing and publishing of this article

Now I\’m allowed to do that because I\’m a capitalist bastard.

But, but, isn\’t Liberal Conspiracy above that? You know, their heart is pure?

11 thoughts on “My word, my word”

  1. Spare a thought for Liberal Conspiracy. Left Foot Forward and The Political Scrapbook muscled in on its “sensationalist headline tailored towards retweets” territory. Someone has to pay the bills.

  2. His strength was as the strength of ten
    because his heart was pure.

    Ask him on Twitter and copy in yodelling Owen, for maximum fun.

    Sunny’s been running (I assume) paid links for at least a year

    No real problems, except that the Nerdwallet links are gaming Google. They should be nofollowed or Javascript. Google does not like being gamed, and it has a habit of getting your site banned.

    I’m not sure about promoting Yankee Doodle financial projects on a British politics site.

    At present:

    » Buy China Wholesale products on
    » Get IBM certified with a prep service like Testslive
    » Testking
    » Pass4sure
    » mulberry
    » mulberry outlet
    » mulberry bags
    » mulberry handbags
    » abercrombie
    » abercrombie and fitch
    » abercrombie & fitch
    » abercrombie and fitch outlet
    » cheap mermaid wedding dress”

    The first one was for “Reverse Mortgages”, ie Equity Release.

    eg Feb 2010:

  3. You missed last week’s gem, a bunch of badly written waffle supposedly about the NHS with a link to a site selling fashion compression socks.

  4. Ouch. Unity, d’you mean this one?

    That’s just painful. I thought the socks looked rather tight, but I suppose that’s the point really.

    Apparently “Companies such as these have increased their business in correlation with the Change4Life’s successful campaign” – perhaps a coded warning that the British healthcare budget has been diverted to marketing for private companies, and True Lefties Aren’t Gonna Take It Anymore.

    Yet the previous sentence was a True Leftie marketing fashion compression socks. And the company is American, so presumably doesn’t give a stuff about Change4Life. Not that I’ve noticed compression socks forming a core part of the Change4Life message anyway – it’s hardly up there with “Five a day”, “Move more”, or “Choose less booze”.

    It’s just such a wonderfully bizarre and tenuous link. Wonder how much cash it raises, to order of magnitude, given that site’s traffic levels? Presumably the point is SEO rather than a belief that the young British left wing is demographically ripe for the sheer black dot compression pantyhose?

    Tim adds: Yes, SEO. £30 a time perhaps? Might be more for LC. Won’t be over £50 I wouldn’t have thought.

    The offers usually come in two flavours. They will write it for you which is what gives you posts like that. Or you write it and add the link. Might still be fluff written just for the SEO. But less glaringly awful perhaps.

  5. >Tim adds: Yes, SEO. £30 a time perhaps? Might be more for LC. Won’t be over £50 I wouldn’t have thought.

    Paid advertorial can be £10-£100 a time, depending.

    It is more if you leave the links unflagged to Google, as that is against the terms.

    Sidebar links run at very little to perhaps £25 a month.

    All risky on political sites as Goog gets stroppy is they are obvious spam.

    As a technique its also years and years past its sell-by date.

    What do you get for yours on the LHS, Tim?


  6. It’s okay, though: they’ve closed comments. LibCon, dancing to the tune of their corporate paymasters? Surely not!

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