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On M\’Lord Rennard

Of course:

Come the revolution, only attractive men will try to hit on women, and then only when they\’ve already said yes.

And as is pointed out, there\’s a further lovely point to be made.

So, the general accusation is that prospective female MPs were at least left with the impression that sweating the blubber would aid them in becoming actual female MPs.

At which point obviously someone has to go ask the current Lib Dem female MPs whether any of them did sweat the blubber as an aid to their moving from being prospective to actual female MPs.

Which would be a very interesting set of conversations, wouldn\’t it?

If the answer is no, none, then there\’s not really much more to be said about it all. He may have been making clumsy passes but he wasn\’t in fact using what power he had to get his knob away. The alternative would be very fun though: but I\’ll leave you to picture the implications of that.

\”I shagged my way to the top!\” is something we more usually associate with WAGs rather than MPs. Leaving aside the case of Mr. H. Harriman of course.

6 thoughts on “On M\’Lord Rennard”

  1. Of course you hypothesis is based on the pestering peer not batting with both teams. Just, for a moment, entertain the possibility the louche lord wasn’t particular about the sex of bedfellows. This could easily account for a sizable proportion of the LibDem parliamentary party. There has to be some sensible & credible explanation for them & none other has occurred so far.

  2. Connected in a tangential way with the LibDem machine, one of whose denizens says he knows of three that took him up on his offer. Refused to say whether they became MP’s…which means they did, obviously 🙂

  3. It is arued that it is right to criminalise people who purchase narcotics, kiddie porn, etc because they are “creating a market” for the Damned Thing. Maybe it’s time to criminalise women who sleep with powerful men based on the same logic.

    On this matter itself, the fact that the LDs are a toe-curlingly PC organisation makes it hard to construct sentences that do not contain the words “hoist” and “petard”. It is the same kind of situation as a gay priest. It isn’t the being gay that’s wrong, it’s the being part of an organisation that condemns gayness thing.

  4. The Tim Worstall polling organisation is going to ask female LibDem MPs “Did you fuck Lord Rennard.”

    The chances of getting an honest answer to this question are zero. Even if some of them are so fed up they are like the Hollywood actress: “Who do I have to fuck to get off this movie?”

  5. I’d love to, Chris. Honestly I would. But this yeast infection is proving really difficult to shift. Can you smell it on my breath? Hhhhhhhhhhhh

    Oh? Where’s he gone?

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