On the subject of Chris Huhne

He first swam out of the mire into my consciousness over the case of the Australian Holocaust denier. The one that Germany wanted to extradite under the European Arrest Warrant. Huhne popped up in the media shouting that this was an appalling injustice, Great English legal System, human rights, extradition evidence etc.

He signally failed to mention that he had voted for the European Arrest Warrant while an MEP. As, indeed, had all of his Lib Dem colleagues. Naturally so, for the leader of the Lib Dems in the European Parliament was the rapporteur for the bill. That is, the bloke tasked with getting it through the Parliament.

I thought he was a complete cunt at that point.

Vicky Pryce told yesterday of how she had always regretted terminating a pregnancy in 1990 after her husband said having another baby would be \”bad for his career\”.

Today she revealed that Huhne, the former energy secretary, tried to make her have an abortion on another occasion but she resisted him.

Miss Pryce said after arguing with Huhne when she became pregnant with her fifth child, an appointment was booked for her to have another abortion.

However, on the day of the termination she realised she could not go through with it.

He\’s not going up in my estimation to be frank.

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  1. “I thought he was a complete cunt at that point.”

    Absolutely nails it.

    I know there is serious competition when it comes to crap EU law, but the EAW is an appallingly misguided piece of legislation.

  2. “He’s not going up in my estimation to be frank.” Nor has she. She’s just told one of her children, and all his friends, that his father had wanted him aborted. Jail the pair of ’em.

  3. Good point, dearieme. I’ve seen reality show contestants with more decorum and consideration for their families.

  4. It’s interesting that none of the feminists that complain that prostitution should be banned because some women are controlled by men are suggesting that abortion should be banned after this case.

  5. To be honest my opinion of Vicky Price fell considerably when I heard she had shacked up with Dennis McShane.

    As for her telling the world about Humne pressurising her to abort his kids – tbh I’m with her all the way. I’m doubt it will affect her sons relationship with his dad – judging from his text messages he’s already sized his dads true nature up pretty accurately.

    It’s worth bearing in mind Chris Hulme brought all this on himself – no-one made him take to bonking his “comedy lesbian”, or made him walk out on his wife, knowing full well she knew where the bodies were buried.

    Incidentally, did anyone hear Jeremy Vine on friday afternoon – after a farsical feature which involved people reading out the contents of their freezers live on air (had you told me some time last week this would happen, I would have said you were deranged. Now I think the whole world is), he got onto women who had been pressured into abortions. Its some time since I’ve heard anything so painful as some of those stories. Regardless of ones views on the legality of abortion, I think people often underestimate how much emotional effect abortions have on women, even years after the event.

  6. You’ve lost me on this one. You say that Chris Huhne did not mention that he’d voted for the European Arrest Warrant in connection with the Australian’s arrest. A simple Google search shows that he did.

    His argument at the time was that there was an element of discretion involved in the EAW (citing the case of Belgium which had refused to extradite suspects to Poland on the basis of urder charges related to abortion), and that it was inappropiate to extradite British citizens for trial abroad for supposed offences which are not illegal under UK law.

    I’m surprised to find support on this blog for the supremacy of European law over UK legislation.

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