Telegraph Subs: Report for numeracy training please

Court papers show she is seeking a R70-million (49m GBP) house, R3 million to furnish it, a new R1 million car every five years and monthly maintenance of R150,000 (10,000 GBP).

Without looking it up I don\’t know whether the Rand is 15 to one (R150,000 being 10,000 GBP) or more like 1.5 to one (R70 million to 49 million GBP….which is 1.42 or something) but I do know that it can\’t be both at the same time.

Given that a South African house is unlikely to be 49 million squids I think it\’s that one which is wrong.

Perfect accuracy is of course impossible for mere mortals but at least one can aim for internal consistency, no?

5 thoughts on “Telegraph Subs: Report for numeracy training please”

  1. And the car, which following the house conversion rate should be £700,000.

    I’m not even sure there is a new car that costs that much (the Bugatti is much more expensive, most are a good bit cheaper).

  2. GBPZAR is currently hovering around 14:1.

    It’s pretty rare you South African houses in Johannesburg (where I live) to get anywhere near 70m ZAR let alone 49m GBP….For comparison an enormous luxury house in one of the nicest safest Johannesburg suburbs will set you back 10-15m ZAR. For that though you will probably have around 2000 sqm under roof on a stand of about 6000 sqm, and all the mansion like trimmings you would expect to come with it.

  3. There are penthouses at the V & A that might come close. If money was not an object Joburg would be way down my list of places to live.

    If one of my young professionals dared to offer R70-million and R3 million in the same report, let alone the same sentence, they’d be certain not to do it again.

  4. Tyler, there won’t be many houses in jo’burg with over 20,000 square feet “under roof”. Just sayin’, in a post about getting conversions wrong…

  5. Maybe like Minnie the Moocher…
    He gave her a home built of gold and steel,
    a diamond car, with the puh-latinum wheels

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