That coppery, metally thing, what is it?

An unofficial spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas, which is known for its 9,982-calorie, 3lb Quadruple Bypass Burger, has died of a heart attack.

12 thoughts on “That coppery, metally thing, what is it?”

  1. Believe it may be a reference to that very rare commodity in today’s world. Something that is indeed what it says it is.

  2. Aha – now I see through a glass darkly! Many thanks, SE. That also makes sense of DrMakajaz’s comment. I thought he was accusing Timmy of indulging in cocaine, or something.

  3. Alternatively, God is an iron. (The title of a science fiction story.)

    Extending from he who commits a felony is a felon.

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