The jobcentre and the brothel job

This one again?

A German teenager was left \’totally horrified\’ after a job centre offered her work in a brothel, it has been reported.

The 19-year-old woman, a trained housekeeper who had been looking for work since November, was offered a job serving drinks at one of the biggest brothels in Augsburg, in Bavaria.

We had this same story (different people but same story) a few years back.

Yes, prostitution is legal in Germany. Yes, jobcentres do offer jobs in brothels to the jobless. No, they do not offer jobs as prostitutes. Only a the support staff: serving drinks, cleaning and so on. And no, no one loses their unemployment pay if they don\’t wish to take such a job.

Prostitution is legal but it\’s not mandatory.

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  1. no one loses their unemployment pay if they don’t wish to take such a job.

    I’m not suggesting that they should, but how do they rationalise that? Are there other jobs that you are allowed to refuse without losing unemployment pay?

    I mean I can see an argument for some kind of religious exemption (cognate with Jews being allowed to turn down a job in a pork-packing factory, Muslims in an alcohol warehouse – or aforementioned – Buddhists in a slaughterhouse &c) but given that prostitution is legal, I’d be interested to know how they argue you can turn down that job but not others.

  2. @2

    A rational guess is that there are probably no salaried hookers. They are most likely remunerated on performance based measures on some kind of self-employed sub-contract, with expenses deducted.

    It isn’t feasible to force people on welfare to self-employ and then remove benefits regardless of income.

    Otherwise, your point stands.

  3. Sam>

    I assume that the sex-selling businesses are specifically licensed to do so. If so, then it would be trivial to allow people to refuse to work in businesses licensed as such.

    Incidentally as far as I know there’s no religious prohibition against Jews working in a pork-packing plant, or Muslims working in an alcohol warehouse or serving alcohol.

  4. @ Paddy – good point.

    @ Dave – equally so.

    I wasn’t, inter alia, suggesting that there was a religious prohibition from within Judaism or Islam preventing them from doing so, more that it might be reasonable for someone from those religions to refuse to take such a job (without having their unemployment pay taken away) on religious grounds.

  5. I recall there was a story in the press not far from me a few years back. Some guy complaining that he shouldn’t have to work with the products on religious grounds.
    He’d already been working there a while however – and some of his mates were suprised as they’d got bacon butties for him from the breakfast area….

  6. I’m not suggesting that they should, but how do they rationalise that?

    One involves sex? Sex is powerful, as one popular form of it has been known to, at times, result in babies. And our emotions and morals don’t really separate out the baby-risking type from others.

  7. What’s wrong with forcing the unemployed into the sex trade anyway?

    They’ve been screwing the taxpayer for long enough, time they returned the favour.

  8. A strict Muslim friend of mine boasts about how he worked his way through college in America by seeking out jobs in bars and liquor stores – he used to get paid extra because he was the only member of staff guaranteed not to pilfer the stock.

  9. @Paddy
    I think you’ve probably missed the point. The job was for bar staff in a club which happens to be a brothel. No doubt they also employ cleaners, room maids, maintenance, book keepers, accountants…… The business model for the sex side, as far as the workers are concerned, would be unlikely to be employment. Pretty sure they’ll pay the club to solicit there, usually by renting a room. The closest analogy would be a hotel with conference facilities..

  10. Just had a thought.
    Star of the Sea, down the road from me, in addition to the bar has an attached all-nite cafeteria. Coffee, burgers, chips. That sort of thing. Last time I dropped by, guy was bitching they were short staffed. Notice Arnald’s been moaning about his prospects on Guensey. Seems made for him. Oggle the chicas over the fryer an that.Step up in life.
    You interested, Arnald, Tim’ll know my e-mail. We do try & help each other here.

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