The Kruemel Monster

Yes, I like this, I do.

An empty space marks the spot where, until earlier this month, the gilded bronze sculpture graced the facade of the cookie baker\’s Hanover office.

The symbol has disappeared and according to a ransom note sent to a German newspaper, the sign won\’t be returned until Bahlsen supplies cookies to all the rooms at a local children\’s hospital.

\”I have the cookie! And you want it,\” the letter read, according to the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) newspaper.

The letter – comprised in the traditional ransom note style of newspaper cuttings – is said to be signed by a \”Cookie Monster\”.

The individual wants Bahlsen to supply the hospital with its Leibniz biscuits, preferably the whole milk variety.

Accompanying the note is a photo of someone wearing a Sesame Street-style costume and snaffling what appears to be the golden cookie.

Yes, I\’m sure it is indeed a crime, it\’s both theft and blackmail for example.

But rather brightens the day the story, no?

And isn\’t it unusual to find a German joke that\’s not about farts or arses?

2 thoughts on “The Kruemel Monster”

  1. I’m never sure about the whole arses and farts thing. I sent my inlaws a copy of Thunderpants on that basis, and it didn’t get a rapturous reception.

    I thought it was going to tick all the boxes…

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