This is fun from The Guardian

About inequality in China:

The National Bureau of Statistics this month released an updated estimate that the country\’s Gini co-efficient, a measure of income disparity, had reached 0.474 – well above the 0.40 level considered a trigger for social discontent.

Given that the Gini in both the UK and US is well below .40* then it can\’t be inequality that\’s causing social discontent then, can it?

*Yes of course this is measured after tax and benefits. Worstall\’s Fallacy and all that.

2 thoughts on “This is fun from The Guardian”

  1. Hopefully this won’t appear three times …

    Anyway. Does anybody know where the UN states that 0.4 is a warning level for Gini? The inter-tubes are full of claims similar to “higher than the warning level of 0.4 set by the United Nations” but my google-fu is too weak to pull anything out of official UN sources other than the Bhutan “Gross National Happiness” conference proceedings.

  2. Is a high Gini coefficient so bad? Colombia’s is much higher than Venezuela’s (lets compare similar countries) but the crime in Venezuela is so bad that it makes Colombia like utopia (it isn’t but less compare similar countries).

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