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Inequality is going to shrink, quite naturally and on its own, in coming decades.

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  1. The left are fixated on monetary inequality – because they see everything in terms of money, the haves and the have nots, those working to get money and those getting money from the workers. But is inequality all about money. It could be argued that we are very equal. Everyone, and I mean everyone (bar a very small number), have a TV, a fridge, a cooker, a roof over their heads, warmth, water, food, etc. There are differences in the size of TVs, the size of the fridge, etc. But everyone has the basic needs. Do we really need to bother ourselves about the such inequality as the size of our TV?

  2. SBML is spot on. I would go on to add, where is the equality in creating monetary equality between someone who does not work and has only dole money, and someone who works 60+ hour weeks for a phenomenal salary?

    The left do indeed see everything in monetary terms – to the pointed exclusion of opportunity cost.

  3. SBML mentions items but not services. I am driven to work by my driver and you get a bus. Equal.
    And the only thing more powerful than cash is a gun. You cant eat equality.

  4. If inequality was primarily one of monetary differences life would be so much simpler. In many walks of life, however, education, accent, soft skills, etc. remain priceless commodities. I guess it’s why the world is beating a path to our public schools. Money enables people to buy the finer things of life but it doesn’t follow you are capable of appreciating them. An education helps, and for many on the left that matters. That said, for most punters, it is the increments within their particular social group that motivates, rather than some grand push to reach the top. For many guys, the size of their fridge is what it’s all about, what gets them out of bed in the morning.

  5. The point about services is a good one – one of the most expensive services wealthier people take on is private education for the kids. But there are material differences too.

    We can all afford clothes but not everyone can afford fashion. Many people can afford cars – far more than historically and even people on relatively low wages – but not everyone can afford a flashy car. There’s also a big gap in affordability of housing. Plenty of people aim high in their careers because they want to buy a nice house, nice car and nice shoes.

  6. And the price of being tall dark and handsome rathjr than just oreign. Or even having big breasts and a winning smile. How do you equal these up.Yet they can attract an amazing amount of cash.

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