Travelling Timmy

Am back off to in Czech.

You will be fascinated to know that I have found the HP Sauce shop. It\’s three blocks over from the Czech mining engineer\’s office in Prague. Woo Hoo!

8 thoughts on “Travelling Timmy”

  1. See whether you can meet with Lubos Molt of the Reference Frame and get some insight about why global warming is bullshit and carbon taxes are a very bad idea.

  2. Not the Britansky delicatessen on Vinohardska?

    We have a winner. At least I think it’s that one (there are four aren’t there?). My engineers are over the other side of Holosevice, other side of Argentinskaya

  3. There used to be a yellow shop on Wenceslas Square that was called something like House of Pig and sold bits of fried pig. that you ate standing up at a counter.

    I went there in 2001 for a budget ‘authentic’ lunch and had a dish that translated as ‘gratinated pig’; they basically put an entire pig through a mincer, then fried the result. There were bits of bone and skin in there and everything. It was f*****g horrible.

    And thus my adventures with Czech food, despite going back many times, ended there.

    I just had a look on google maps, seems it no longer exists. Shame, in a way.

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