Well that was exciting

Set off at 7 am this morning to drive through the blizzard to a meeting. Leave meeting around 11.30 to drive back through lots n\’ lots of snow.

Just sat down after I got back, had a sandwich, looked out the window.

The snow\’s stopped.


5 thoughts on “Well that was exciting”

  1. Ah yes. Up at 5:15 this morning. Time for a cuppa, then out at 6 to clear the shopfront, footpath and parking of snow.

    Time for another cuppa, then it was up an icy outside ladder to the roof (3 story building). We’ve had two days of heavy snow and strong winds, and that causes a large and dangerous cornice to build up. Two hours working standing knee deep in snow in a whiteout. Have to stay focussed as it’s easy to get disorientated with no horizon.

    Downstairs, time for another cuppa. Then an hour to dump the snow from the roof and clean up around the shop again. Time for a cuppa.

    Anyone mention snow? I’m fucked.

  2. Hi Tim,

    With respect.

    How much unseasonal snow do you have to see before you realise that Global Warming and Carbon Taxes is just a plain old rip-off? I find it strange that a logical guy, like your website otherwise demonstrates, can fall for that scam.

    On the Commentator there are some more thoughts about this very topic:-


    Tim adds: Erm, what unseasonal snow? What is unseasonable about snow, in February, over the mountains between the Czech Republic and Germany?

  3. Good reply Tim, very incisive, I suspect that is what Napolean and Hitler heard from their Generals in the field.

    But, rejoice, the snow will keep falling, the world is saved, as China is also going to introduce a Carbon Tax.

    You should very pleased as you are on the winning side!

    Nothing a carbon tax cannot fix. The Romans taxed piss and we can tax carbon, problem solved!

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