Well, that was rather close, eh?

Of course, it matters only a little that England wins. Far more important that France loses.

Not just about rugby of course, as a general rule for life.

But until the Frogs started changing their team around, sending on the replacements, I thought they were going to win. They certainly looked the better team for the first half.

3 thoughts on “Well, that was rather close, eh?”

  1. A bit like Waterloo really. “They came on in the same old way, and we saw them off in the same old way”. The icing on the cake at Chez Lohse is that I predicted the winning margin – to a Frenchman…..

  2. When the French coach took Morgan Parra off the field I knew we had the game in the bag.

    The question is, how much did the Pakistani bookmakers – who we know rule the world, not the Iluminati – pay him to do that?

  3. Bizarre decisions by Saint Andre. I was mildly concerned that he would bring a new Anglo Saxon rigour to coaching, tactics and selection and turn France into the perfect blend of flair, discipline and physicality.

    But luckily he’s just as batshit crazy as every other French coach ever.

    I do love France and the French though. Top people.

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