Well there\’s a lucky escape then

A conservative political group reportedly made a video of Hillary Clinton having sex with a panda but ultimately decided not to release it on grounds of taste.

Pandaporn I think we could deal with but Hillaryporn would be just a tad excessive I fear.

9 thoughts on “Well there\’s a lucky escape then”

  1. “I dunno, I always thought she was attractive when she was younger.”

    Yeah, with all the sex appeal of an industrial drill press. Yuck.

    “A feminist like her would never go for a Panda, I looked up their preferences: Eats Shoots and Leaves”

    After 25 years of having Bill on top, that might be exactly what she’s looking for.

  2. “Dennis, what makes you think Bill was on top?”

    Hillary’s a femnist only to the extent it furthers her ambitions. When push came to shove when Bill was running for president, she started baking cookies just to show everyone she really was June Cleaver. Bill was on top and he didn’t have to make an issue of it, either.

  3. It does go to show that feminism has made some progress. 25 years ago it would have been simply “shoots and leaves”, now it seems gentlemen at least have the common courtesy to “eat” first.

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