Well yes, of course it\’s different. Entirely so, obviously

Conservatives accused of taking cash for access as Labour insists receptions for its donors are different

From the front page of The Guardian.

Seriously, how could anyone think that paying cash to meet politicians is the same as paying cash to meet politicians?

5 thoughts on “Well yes, of course it\’s different. Entirely so, obviously”

  1. I don’t understand why people get upset about this. The whole point of a political “party” is to promote some special interests- buziness, tradey unioneys, environuttery, whatever at the expense of the general population. It’s Public Choice Theory in action. The whole point of the party political “representative” form of democracy is corporate (not in the business sense, in the fascist sense) struggle.

    If you want to get rid of this, get rid of the representatives and, particularly, party corporate blocs. Otherwise, just expect and embrace it.

    And we don’t see anyone moaning about the torrent of “activist” corporate blocs whose sole purpose in life is to corrupt the political process… oops, I mean “synergise for social change”. Do we? Why not?

  2. It’s evidence of inflation now, innit? What was it, £1000 for a question in parliament not that many moons ago, now 20-50 times that to merely clink glasses with some (shad0w) minister. Looks like parliamentary bungs have kept pace with footballers’ wages.

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