Why aren\’t female Lib Dem MPs commenting on the Rennard story?

Not that I normally look to Huffington Post for seriouos news stories but this one is nicely done:

If anyone sees a female Lib Dem MP can they let us know? Given that there are only seven women out of the 56 Lib Dems in the Commons, it is rather conspicuous that only one of them has spoken publicly about the allegations against Lord Rennard.

The reasons may be varied – one MP\’s voicemail inbox was full, presumably stuffed with messages from other journalists jostling for her attention – but when contacted none of them wanted to, or was able to, talk.

For of course, what everyone wants to talk about is…..well, if prospective candidates were encouraged to bunga bunga the peer (currently an allegation, which is vehemently denied), then how much bunga bungaing did the successful candidates do?

Of course, our expectation is none, none at all. Thus the actual case being made in the allegations rather falls apart. No bunga bunga required to become a female Lib Dem MP, thus no bunga bunga demanded from those who wished to do so. Even if the allegations of the asking for it are true (vehemently denied etc) it becomes just a series of crass passes rather than an exploitation of the power system.

5 thoughts on “Why aren\’t female Lib Dem MPs commenting on the Rennard story?”

  1. I think you’re rather missing the point here. Suppose that the allegations (which Rennard denies) are true, but that he didn’t allow his professional dealings with the women to be affected in any way by their response. Nevertheless, the women had no way of knowing that that would be the case, which to my mind makes it an abuse of power for him to ask them.

    Boorishness aside, it’s OK for a person to proposition another person except if the propositioner is in a position of power over them, when it’s just wrong. A decent person has no difficulty at all conducting their sex life under this not very severe restriction.

  2. Having known La Featherstone reasonably well, think that’s one name could be crossed firmly off the list. Although never understood why, what seems to be an eminently sensible woman, would suffer the LibDims. It’s a genuine mystery. Maybe she just detested the poison dwarf used to represent H&WG in the Labour interest more than most. But associating herself with the party’s crackhead energy policies when the family’s got such a thriving electrical retailing business? Their display window is an all night beacon in Camden High Street.

  3. Possibly because none of them want to admit that bunga-bunga was indeed their way of climbing the greasy pole ? Or the larded lord ?

    Alan Douglas

  4. The difficulty os that some or all of these women could have shtupped the guy voluntarily, but they know the assumption will be they played for pay.

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