Why The English Win Wars

In from our Antipodean evidence collection branch:

The Dutch themselves regarded the whole thing with delighted astonishment. They marvelled that, at such a time, Heads of Departments and members of the Board of Admiralty should amuse themselves writing rhymes and deal with a serious matter in such an apparently frivolous way. One of the Dutch officers commented, \”No wonder the English win wars\”!

A report has come in from the Soemba,
That their salvoes go off like a Rhumba,
Two guns, they sound fine,
But the third five point nine,
He am bust and refuse to go boomba.

D. of P. and D.G.D. referred for information
D.D.O.D.(M) added to the marking as a mark of courtesy.

A.D. Nicholl,
Director of Operations Division (Foreign)

Desperate but not serious, eh?

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