Worstall\’s corrupting the youth again

A reader here, a student who reads this site (that\’s one way to fail your degree!) has been inspired to write to The Independent:

Low-skilled workers in service sector jobs are paid relatively higher and work in far better conditions than their counterparts in low-skilled manufacturing and agriculture. If Ms Bennett is arguing for the return of the parts of manufacturing and agriculture that are labour intensive, low-skilled and low paid, the Green Party supports the return of the neo-peasantry.

The ability to inspire Da Youf, eh?

4 thoughts on “Worstall\’s corrupting the youth again”

  1. The next letter is also in the “head, nail” category.

    “Having read Natalie Bennett’s espousal of a return to an agrarian economy and base manufacturing I feel that she and her party have been reading perhaps too much of Pol Pot’s rhetoric and not enough of his consequences.”

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