Wouldn\’t have happened in Tom\’s day etc etc

Researchers forecast that every British adult will knock back about 53m fewer litres of wine and spirits by 2016, the equivalent of at least a bottle every year.

Don\’t these people have editors etc etc.

As it happens, or at least so I\’m told, The Telegraph doesn\’t any longer have subeditors who are the types who would catch this sort of nonsense.

Shows too.

11 thoughts on “Wouldn\’t have happened in Tom\’s day etc etc”

  1. He’d have made short work of 53m litres, and probably did. Pity the Sunday Times too, though, where former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was said to have survived being murdered. There but for the Grace of God etc.

  2. But they have used ‘fewer’ rather than the commonly incorrectly used ‘less’, so not all is bad 🙂
    But to work – it will take me some time to consume this year’s 53m litres.

  3. Does this mean that we don’t need the likes of Alcohol Concern and the other fake-charities now? Is their job complete?

    .. nah – I’m being silly ain’t I?

  4. Woodsy: I have a suspicion that ‘fewer’ is hyper-correcting in this instance. We don’t drink alcohol a litre at a time (well, I don’t, anyway), so shouldn’t the line read “53m litres less”, not “53m fewer litres”?

  5. Not just sub-editors but seemingly an absence of journalists that drink and who would recognise the incongruity.

  6. A challenge has been set…I will be the Ranulf Fiennes of my generation, setting off alone into an ocean of 100m litres of top class booze.

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