Yes. This.

As I would put it we\’re ruled by fuckers who\’ve never done a day\’s work in their lives.

Not real work. They simply have no idea.

Which is why we\’re ruled so damn badly.

And the Mandarinate. Have you seen the tests you have to pass to get into the EU bureaucracy? As an example, being monolingual is an immediate and total disqualifier. Immediately 80-90% of the population are excluded from that Mandarinate (they do mean fluent in more than one language, not just being able to chat in more than one).

Linguistic ability is placed abouve maths, economics, engineering, absolutely anything else. Which is another reason we\’re ruled so damn ba……

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  1. …and if you criticse the mandarinate, you are generally dismissed as simply jealous because you are a failure.

    The major problem is that the new mandarinate are the largest and most intrinsically useless (as human beings) in Western history, and thus the most harmful in our history. People still reference the hegemony of the Catholic Church, but it had nothing on this mob of parasitic, airheaded wankers.

    I remember some years ago saying to a gaggle of American “liberals” that I hoped that one day proletarian mobs with blazing torches would raze the universities to the ground. It wasn’t very well received. But that’s pretty much how I feel.

  2. I think a greater problem than the people being hired is the notion that everything has to be managed, the cult of managerialism. This is only going to get worse over time.

  3. Ian,

    More dangerous is the belief that everything CAN be managed.

    The obvious effects of this narrowing of selection is that groupthink becomes even more prevalent. I read a book a while ago which argued that diversity (real diversity, not simply people of different colours who think exactly alike) was vital to reach good decisions.

    Groups of very clever people with the same outlook on life produce much worse decisions than groups of average intelligence. This is plausible as they have the ability to rationalise away with ingenious arguments even the most obvious drawbacks to their plans.

    Recent history is littered with the debris of these decisions and groupthink.

  4. Rob, from my very limited experience the very clever people are unable to make good decisions most of the time. Part of the mind set of thinking that because they are brilliant at one thing, they must be brilliant at everything.

  5. I read a book a while ago which argued that diversity (real diversity, not simply people of different colours who think exactly alike) was vital to reach good decisions.

    I regularly make this point in regard to oil and gas projects (usually in opposition to some daft Local Content policy initiative which thinks that employing everyone from the same place is a good idea and, bizarrely, consistent with a diverse workplace). A mixture of nationalities and characters is much healthier for a project than everyone being much the same.

    As for things being managed. Well, everything can be managed, but often that entails doing not very much instead of micro-managing every last detail. The problem here is not people thinking that everything can be managed, it is not having a clue how to manage anything but trying to manage everything.

  6. Well of course being monolingual is a disqualifier for working in a multilingual, multinational organisation. They can have me – bilingual plus fluency in two others, PhD in human biology and I teach statistics to other people who do my job. There’s more of us with depth in breadth than you think, indeed it’s the only way to really distinguish yourself from the mass of half-trick graduates these days.

    And on the “day’s work”, by one of those isn’t-it-a-small-world twists of irony I know the LibDem candidate in Eastleigh (some beers on several occasions in his local through mutual friend), and he’s plenty of real-world work experience. I commend him to the house.

  7. Also, if they had people in the EC (or any other government bureaucracy) who were halfway competent, you’d, entirely correctly, complain about the government eating all that talent rather than letting them do something worthwhile in the private sector.

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