A comments section to savour, truly a thing of wonder

Over at Ritchie\’s.

A sensible thing to do when in error is to say \”Oh yes, so I am!\”

Not the Murphmeister though, oh no, not the Murphmeister.

Mr Murphy

The Swiss package is very different from the EU bonus bonus cap regulation. The Swiss rule does not set a statutory limit to the amount of compensation, or it’s structure, but only makes them subject to mandatory a shareholders’ vote. It only affects the compensation of directors and executive officers, but not rank and file employees including officers.

Interestingly, the law is really only relevant for public companies listed in Switzerland. It will have little bearing on private companies or partnerships (like many of the private banks). Also, it will make little difference to the subsidiaries of foreign companies in Switzerland: the Swiss subsidiaries of JP Morgan or Glencore will continue to be able to pay their people just as they wish.

You are clearly a true far right libertarian (which is why I find you so tedious)

You have not a clue that once there is a law the public will not tolerate its abuse

And they won’t in Switzerland now that 68% of people have voted to stop it

You really do need to get your head round democracy


There is, of course, more.

17 thoughts on “A comments section to savour, truly a thing of wonder”

  1. He is barking BARKING mad.

    His HSBC post demands they justify why they didn’t pay tax according to his approved rules as opposed to the, erm, actual rules.

    Barking barking mad.

  2. So… Lemme see… The swiss didn’t vote on the wording of Minder that was put before them, they voted on the Spirit of Minder, as can only be truly and accurately defined by the Murphster. 2/3 of Swiss voters meditated and channeled the Murphmeister in the voting booth.

    Indeed, he is a Prophet For Our Times.

  3. Look, I read this blog largely to confront my own prejudices, but I’m struggling here. WTF is Murphy up to? Thoughtful and courteous questions from a commentator on his blog and he just rants. Embarrassingly. Thank god for Chris Dillow.

  4. Dennis The Peasant

    Luke –

    What you have seen is Murphy in the throes of cognative dissonance. There are certain things that he simply cannot process and these set him off… largely because his egotism will not allow for him to admit (to himself as much as others) that he has erred.

  5. A textbook case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    By Democracy, Richie clearly means his mob rule.

    Fixed that for you.

  6. Bemused Bystander

    “You have not a clue that once there is a law the public will not tolerate its abuse”

    Does Ritchie include the Jim Crow Laws in this equation?

  7. I’m afraid that I have tried to ask Murphy a civil question and also pointed out his errors only to be abused. Its like the politician who when asked how he answered a question he didn’t like, answered he abused the questioner. Standard policy from this fucking loon.

  8. John M,

    Disproven, at least in terms of “always” by Chris Dillow’s blog.

    Commonly, yes. Stereotypically, even … Part of the need to dehumanise “the other”, to stop anybody looking at their arguments and saying, “Actually, you know, they sort of have a bit of point.”

    Extreme right wing groups do it as well, of course. But very mildly left groups do it. In the more extreme left, it morphs into the shibboleths designed to allow you to tell the difference between a Marxist, a Trot, a Maoist and the LHTD without actually having to even try to understand anything they are foaming at the mouth.

  9. SE,

    I suspect that when you refer to Extreme right wing groups you refer to the ones who want more state-involvement in how the economy is run, less freedom to trade, of speach and of movement and are closely inspired (although maybe not officially) by parties that had the word “socialist” in their name?

  10. Err, no, actually – although I see your point.

    I was referring to the demonisation of the other – in the current nationalist bigot sense (i.e. ‘right wing’ in terms of the normal political discourse) usually Muslims of some sort (any if your aren’t yourself, the other sort if you are) or Jews or Americans (although many people have a surprising amount of difficulty telling those two apart. Ignorance is a world-wide problem 🙂

    Of course, modern versions of Jew-hatred are often closely inspired by adulation of parties that had the word “socialist” in their name. Rather than, say, the Tsarist version of the same. Or 7th century pig-ignorance.

    Notes: just how un-PC is it to call an Islamist “pig ignorant’? Earn me quite a few points, I’d expect 🙂

  11. All of this may be true. However, as Murphy himself is fond of saying:

    the reasonable man adapts himself to the world
    the unreasonable man adapts the world to himself
    therefore all progress depends unpon the unreasonable man

    G B Shaw

    The strategy is not necessarily so mad seen thus.

  12. I think Murphy has trouble distinguishing between correlation, coincidence, and causation.


    – Rolls Royce pays less UK tax than he’d like. Therefore they must have engineered that situation.

    – He would like there to be a GAAR. A GAAR is being produced. Therefore the existence of the GAAR is because he wanted it.

    – Great things have been done by people acting unreasonably. Therefore acting unreasonably will result in great things.

    He seems fond of quoting Gandhi, and the saw about “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then you win”, as if the laughter is a sign that you are going to win. It doesn’t mean that, it just means that people laughing at you isn’t necessarily a sign that you’ll lose.

    Some people get laughed at because mockery is a defence against uncomfortable truths, and some people get laughed at because they’re being laughable.

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