Amazing about Murdoch and phone tapping, eh?

Detectives are examining an estimated 600 fresh allegations of phone-hacking incidents at Rupert Murdoch\’s now closed News of the World on the back of fresh evidence obtained by the Metropolitan police from a suspect turned supergrass.

Just astonishing that this surfaces the day after half the Mirror is arrested for the same offence.

For we can\’t let anyone think that everyone was at it: no, no, Murdoch is uniquely evil dontchano?

13 thoughts on “Amazing about Murdoch and phone tapping, eh?”

  1. Furthermore, the Mirror is a lefty publication and as we all know in lefty world the end justifies the means. So, even if the Mirror staff are guilty of the alleged crime it must have been in furthering the cause and therefore shouldn’t really be treated as a crime.

  2. at some point the investigation is going to move on to the Mail – at that point the Guardian is likely to explode in glee

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    The former policeman and the dectective who started all of this off worked for the Guardian too. It is only a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost. So I wouldn’t gloat if I were them.

  4. Of course that doesn’t work the other way and I have every faith that you righties always remain completely impartial and have no ulterior motives at all..

  5. @Seth – let’s not forget that David Leigh, a Guardian assistant editor, has already admitted phone hacking but said it was “ethical” and therefore OK. The Murdoch story is the tip of a huge iceberg that the rest of the press have a huge interest in keeping submerged. The five groups with the most recorded offences were:

    1. Trinity Mirror
    2. Associated Newspapers
    3. News International
    4. Guardian Media Group
    5. Express Newspapers

  6. This is the story that keeps on giving. There will now be calls for an inquiry into the News Corp’s Management Standards Committee, which trawled the data pools on behalf of the cops, and claims that it didn’t do its job properly and the whole thing will go round and round and round with people jumping up and down about media plurality and foreign ownership etc etc etc. The public, curiously, has already moved on and now believes that every corner of life is crooked or self interested. And of course, with one or two honorable exceptions, all the national press has been “at it”.

  7. >Of course that doesnt work the other way and I have every faith that you righties always remain completely impartial and have no ulterior motives at all.

    Er… I haven’t heard anyone on the right saying that its all right to hack celebrities phones. Of course, I also havent heard anyone on the left say that either. But there does seem to be assumption on the left that the Murdoch press is uniquely evil in regards to this sort of thing.

  8. Some years ago the Guardian published the contents of an intercepted email. Of course back then nobody knew that the Guardian was going to say such things were bad.

    Murdoch was about to expand Sky into a real competitor to the BBC. That, alone, is why the BBC & its dead tree arm, turned events which were in nio way new into top of the news items for weeks on end (the most important of them like the Dowler stuff, since acknowledged to be false).

  9. “the Dowler stuff, since acknowledged to be false”

    Possibly false. The fly in the ointment is that some mobile services delete voicemails after a period, so it was possible that they weren’t hacked. Still likely, though.

  10. Well, the graniad has published corrections (in rather small print) admitting that the voicemails weren’t deleted by News International journalists. If they have had to print that, it’s probably true…

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