And Mandrake does still love Hugh Bonneville

Rowan Atkinson, too, does not take the line that Bonneville does on freedom of expression. Strongly opposed to the Racial and Religious Hatred Act of 2006, he appeared in a controversial Comic Relief sketch on BBC One on Friday when, dressed as the Archbishop of Canterbury, he exclaimed: “Jesus said \’love your neighbour’. Let’s be perfectly clear: he doesn’t mean \’shag your neighbour’.”

Bonneville saw it with his family. He felt that he had no alternative but to walk out of the room.

Sadly, current law makes it illegal for me to explain why this is funny.

4 thoughts on “And Mandrake does still love Hugh Bonneville”

  1. if we exclude everyone in Hacked off caught by the tabloids having extra marital affairs (including, but not exclusively with a ‘professional’) from declaiming on freedom of the press, would there be anyone left? Just asking

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