Anyone know how to set up a Sina Weibo account?

Just a thought: anyone know how to do this? Would be fun to feed my Twitter account into it. See how little actually survives the censorship process.

7 thoughts on “Anyone know how to set up a Sina Weibo account?”

  1. Jonathan Briggs at Kingston Uni would know, he’s one of my lecturers. Not going to bother looking up his contact info for you though.

  2. I’m afraid I don’t have a straight answer, but one issue I’ve heard is you now have to register with a real name/Chinese ID, so if you’re not Chinese you’re probably out of luck. Same goes for going through archives of others’ accounts (unless you can find the URL by a search)

  3. Hey Tim, WCWC’s link is right. It’s extremely unlikely that you need a real passport number. They haven’t even gotten around to ensuring all the locals have ‘real ID’ yet, as per the law.

    If you’re writing in English, its likely that everything will make it through. Unless, of course, you start directly advocating against the government. But I can’t recall anything on the blog, for example, that would have been stopped.

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