Blimey, that\’s expensive

Random checks will be performed on the vehicles after companies advertising rides in \”ambulance-taxis\” for upwards of 6,000 roubles (£120) per hour appeared on the internet.

The vehicles are said to use their sirens to scatter traffic and deliver harried businessman to meetings on time.

Used to be that ambulances charged the same rate as any other private car you picked up just by sticking a thumb out. A few $ to cross Moscow…..

2 thoughts on “Blimey, that\’s expensive”

  1. Perhaps the Russians should start licensing them. After all, the politicos here (Germany) have private cars, with blue lights in the front to get the plebs out of their way when the traffic is too slow for the likes of them. Why shouldn’t we be able to hire a similar service?

  2. My father was a commercial traveller at one time and he used to travel with a very knowing geezer who would slip English police in patrol cars a few quid to drive them considerable distances.My father was too law-abiding to do that on his own but he did get to travel in the guard’s van on a train where they sat drinking tea, an experience I envy to this day.Do they still have guards’ vans?

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