Carina Trimingham should start dating Denis MacShane. Obviously

So, this tangled love life stuff.

As we know, Chris Huhne and Vicky Price are now in jail. Which leaves at something of a loose end Ms. Trimingham and Price\’s current squeeze, Denis MacShane. For however long he stays out of jail that is.

The obvious solution being that those latter two should get together. Should work very well in fact for she\’s bisexual and he\’s a cunt.

22 thoughts on “Carina Trimingham should start dating Denis MacShane. Obviously”

  1. Nice one. Fortunately I’d just swallowed (modest red) when I read that. The memsahib was moderately amused too. She understands Anglo-Saxon reasonably well for a Japanese.

  2. Well, it is quite often one hears the comment “Go to hell!” but, if their current choice of partners is anything to judge them by, it does seem a particularly awful damnation you’re suggesting their consigned to. Do you particularly have it in for either individual or would this be a equal opportunities curse?

  3. Well, they’re not going to bank Pryce and Even-more-of-a-Buff-Huhne up together. But what about Huhne and McShane? Reckon he’s going to get hoisted soon enough?

    They can swap Pryce stories …

  4. “Is there really any need for this type of abusive attack?” HJ

    Is that you, Holy Joe, you sanctimonious cunt?

    Anyway, how do you infer a need when no need necessary? So your question is dumbfuck stoopid to boot.

  5. Maybe we should set up coed jails for situations where lovers of both sexes are guilty of crimes against humanity. It’s only fair. We already have jails for that handle lovers where they are of the same sex.

    Denis MacShane and Vasiliki/Vicky Pryce/Price in the same jail – couldn’t get any better.

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