Dear Lord

Is Petronella Wyatt still making her living writing about all the old blokes she\’s shagged?

7 thoughts on “Dear Lord”

  1. Well actually, the things she says in the article are rather worth saying and, in the current hysterical climate, even rather brave. I think the article is entirely admirable.

  2. I read a blogger last year pointing to his advancing years and midrift and writing off his chances of “getting jiggy with the nubile”. Based on Ms Wyatt’s tale, I would say he was being unduly modest. Hope for us all.

  3. It’s worse, isn’t it – she’s now writing about all the old leches she didn’t shag.

    Pretty desperate – next she’ll be writing about all the ancient leches who would have wanted to shag her if they had ever met her. She wishes.

  4. I knew Petronella Wyatt, via friends, back in the day as the kids say.

    You certainly would have, and you probably could have.

  5. So many opportunities and so little time.

    Maybe I am not old enough?

    Nah. She just doesn’t know me.

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