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Dr. Sarah Wollaston asks for a job

As pressure on the Prime Minister’s leadership intensified, Dr Wollaston called on Mr Cameron to reshuffle his Cabinet within weeks and promote more women.

Go on, go on, Gissa Job!

3 thoughts on “Dr. Sarah Wollaston asks for a job”

  1. Isn’t she too white? Might also be a bit posh.

    On other matters, she’s also a Temperance nut. So, not the sort we want in the cabinet at all.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Serf – “As Ian B says she is a class A grade miserable killjoy”

    It is an invariable rule of politics that the only women worth voting for are those with better things to do than going in to politics.

    Actually it applies to a lot of the men too.

    In other bright news, interesting to see a quarter of Germans would be willing to vote for a party like AfD which wants to take them out of the EU. I look forward to UKIP and several other parties forming their own EUSkeptics voting block in Brussels.

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