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Gentlemen prefer blondes

Or not as the case may be:

A study found that men see women with dark hair as \”deeper\” and \”more sensible\” than their blonde counterparts.

It also emerged that men think brunettes take better care of their apearance, make better cooks and are more proficient at keeping the house clean.

Other \”wife-like\” attributes men think brunettes are likely to possess include being more experimental in the bedroom and being better with money.

But do recall that the follow up to the book \”Gentlemen Prefer Blondes\” was called \”But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes\”. So they knew this stuff back in 1925/7 then.

13 thoughts on “Gentlemen prefer blondes”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    More experimental? Better cooks and cleaners? Take more care with their appearance? This is just akin to the general rule that Fat Girls give blow jobs isn’t it? Brunettes know men prefer Blondes and so work all the harder to keep their man happy?

    Time to develop an Asian fetish or something.

  2. All those lucky enough to experience MrsBud’s cooking rave about it, she only employs the very best cleaners, I’ve always relied on her to manage our finances and she is hot stuff in the bedroom and anywhere else we decide on a spot of rumpy pumpy. MrsBud is a genuine, natural redhead.

  3. @Ian B – if one may quote “Diamonds are For Ever”… “as long as the collar and cuffs match, I’m not too bothered”. 🙂

  4. Hmmm. My wife is blonde, has no sense whatsoever, can’t cook, does a reasonable job at keeping the place clean, and is hopeless with money.

    She is, however, one hell of a lot of fun and that’s why I married her. Somebody who is sensible, can cook, clean, and run a tight budget sounds as dull as ditchwater.

  5. “Somebody who is sensible, can cook, clean, and run a tight budget sounds as dull as ditchwater.”

    A completely illogical and dumb comment.

  6. A completely illogical and dumb comment.

    We’re discussing the relative merits of blondes vs brunettes, and you’re expecting logical arguments?!

  7. as long as the collar and cuffs match, I’m not too bothered.

    Well, that’s why I’m here at Worstall’s, being a bit fan of Thatch and all that.

  8. I married my brunette despite, like my father, being able to cook (he once said he first cooked Christmas Dinner for his family at 17) and keep my flat clean (albeit not tidy). Sometimes the inside of the head is more important than the outside.
    Maybe not totally despite: it made a favourable impression on my mother-in-law.

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