Green lefty faces problem

His embrace of evidence-based knowledge caused a problem.

Mark Lynas faces that problem when he actually tries to find out facts.

It can be a terrible shock, can\’t it?

13 thoughts on “Green lefty faces problem”

  1. curse these neo-liberal sophists and their so-called “facts” that contradicy my morally-correct beliefs!

  2. Let’s at least applaud the man for coming out of the echo chamber and admitting it – at some significant cost.

    And, of course, the brethren will be denouncing him as unimportant as well as wrong (as they did with darling George over his nuclear volte-face) but he is somebody whose name I certainly recognised. That doesn’t make him important, per se, but it does make him ‘obvious’ – a spokesweasel if not a leader.

  3. Following Surreptitious Evil, I am inclined to say that this is a situation more suited to a kind welcome than gloaty snarks. It is hard for someone to go through this kind of change. It is like somebody in the Bible Belt having to admit to their family and friends that they just don’t believe in that God thing any more. So let’s not make it any harder for them.

  4. Like George, a good writer, a good man, and his experience is an excellent example of why I can’t imagine ever voting for the Greens. Evidence-based rationalism is good; hair-shirted pastoralism is for arseholes.

  5. The gentleman deserves respect for having the nerve and integrity to end his denial. Most cannot despite the growing dissonance.

    Not religious, but sinners repenting etc.

  6. Fair play to him. More rejoicing in heaven etc.

    A very good friend of mind who has spent the last 20+ years voting Labour (or lefter) and working as a teacher recently had a similar epiphany, brought about by actually sitting down and thinking about stuff (and looking at the world around him).

    It was real head-in-hands, what-have-I-been-doing stuff, accentuated by the fact that he has been spreading his nonsense to kids.

    I think there will be more of this, for the simple reason that the facts of life will, eventually, out, and the world is such that they will be outing quicker and more often than they used to.

  7. But the problem with Lynas is that he just goes on to other areas that he knows b*gger-all about, like global warming, and writes green propaganda about them.

  8. I did once see Mark Lynas appear quite rational at a public meeting. Helped by the fact that his co-speaker was one Andrew Simms.

  9. I have some respect for Mark Lynas. It’s a nice start.

    At least Mark, unlike Bishop Connolly, is prepared to observe the world around him

  10. (Blooming WordPress!)

    I have some respect for Mark Lynas. It’s a nice start.

    At least Mark, unlike Bishop Connolly, is prepared to observe the world around him – instead of sitting in his armchair philosophising about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. He seems to get the whole scientific method thing.

    My respect, however, is tempered by the fact that, despite backtracking on GM and nuclear, Mark Lynas still has not apologised for his disgusting propaganda book “Six Degrees”, which repeats ad nauseam the climate ‘blood-libel’ of runaway global warming.

    The day he apologises for that I’ll start to listen.

  11. Yet the anti-GM narrative is as strong as ever & continues to prosper. Was listening to an otherwise intelligent person railing against GM, yesterday. As far as I could work out, from questioning them, they hadn’t the slightest idea what GM actually involved. Seemed to think GM crops were from plants that’d been built from scratch in laboratories out of jars of *chemicals* & were at the centre some sort of dark plot to replace *natural life*.
    It’d be nice to think “evidence based facts” could counter this but there s little factual evidence. As I’ve opined on narratives in other areas, their strengths tend to roll straight over inconveniences like facts as if they didn t exist. Which is why the tactics of the evidence based community, whilst being honourable, don t actually achieve very much. To repeat a phrase from another post: it s not the truth people want but something to believe.

  12. Good on Mark Lynas. It takes courage to admit you’re wrong. However, he ain’t seen nothing yet. He’s not going to know what hit him when he wakes up to the AGW scam

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