How about this for Venezuelan efficiency?

The body of Hugo Chavez will no longer be embalmed and placed on permanent display, after Venezuelan\’s acting president said it had not been properly prepared in time.

5 thoughts on “How about this for Venezuelan efficiency?”

  1. Seems consistent with the conspiracy theory that he actually died yonks ago and they’ve been trying to work out what to do ever since.

  2. Might just be the acting President recognizing that getting rid of the body might make it easier to stamp his own authority on the country rather than forever to be tormented by the ghost of his predecessor lurking in a public mausoleum in front of the presidential palace.

    If I was in his position, I’d have probably said that the aggressive cancer would have made preservation impossible.

    Whatever happens Hugo Chavez needs to be buried or burned, because out of sight, out of mind is a good adage.

    Then the job of putting right his monumental fuck-up of an economic policy can begin.

  3. Pah! Communists these days! What’s the world coming to? Can’t even embalm a dictator properly.

  4. Stuck-Record,

    Maybe they’re good communists and have learnt the lesson that its good start air-brushing (photoshopping) early, as JG points out.

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