How extremely helpful of them

Perhaps national costume should be mandatory for all Welsh people?

Harrods refuses to allow six women dressed in Welsh national costume into the store on St David\’s Day

It would make it easier to identify those you wish to refuse entry to after all. What say a checkpoint on the Severn Bridge?

11 thoughts on “How extremely helpful of them”

  1. I know I’m in a minority as usual, but I’m actually rather fond of the Welsh.

    You wouldn’t dare say this kind of stuff about effnic minorities, would you?

  2. Careful, Worstall, or I’ll subject you to my tale of a bunch of strangers in Swansea being kind to me.

  3. But you’re not really are you, Seth? I actually have a Welsh brother-in-law, despite being passionate about Welsh rugby he is that very rare thing, a Welshman without a chip on his shoulder, let alone the more usual two. His brother is a complete wanker. I had a Welsh business partner, same problem, could not be friends with anyone who was English. I don’t find it a problem, most Welsh people I have no desire to be friends with any way. Those in the south are stinking commies and those in the north are just ignorant.

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