How to stop Germany invading France again

Apparently it means that the UK must vote on a Sunday.

A common European voting day with polling stations closing at the same time would better reflect common participation by citizens across the union and therefore is part of the representative democracy on which the EU is founded.

Quite how this will stop the Wermacht rolling isn\’t explained.

But there\’s a much more worrying problem in here as well:

‘National political parties participating in the elections to the European Parliament should make publicly known ahead of those elections their affiliation with European political parties,’ the proposal says.

‘National political parties should prominently display their affiliation with European political parties in all campaign materials, communications and political broadcasts.’

The problem here is that what is a European political party is a moveable feast. It\’s only after the elections that you can work out which menage of alliances actually creates such a viable European party. You\’ve got to have a certain number of MEPs, from a certain number of different countries, to qualify. And until you\’ve had the election you just don\’t know which of the various alternatives make up a viable party under such circumstances and rules.

The other problem with this is that no one actually gives a shit about European political parties. All euro-elections are national elections, run on national agendas. Brussels desperately desires that this not be so but their desires and reality don\’t actually have to coincide.

4 thoughts on “How to stop Germany invading France again”

  1. Isn’t the problem here that the European Political Parties aren’t actually political parties? The use of the term here is like Bombay Duck. It doesn’t walk like a duck, it doesn’t quack like a duck, and it isn’t a duck.

    See also, “representative democracy on which the EU is founded”.

  2. The Daily Mail has a poll going which asks if responders would prefer Sunday to Thursday. Last I looked at it, Sunday was in the lead. But this won’t be because of the EU factor. It’ll be because people think they’ll find it more convenient. If the poll was “do you want to stick it up to the EU and vote on Saturday rather than the EU mandated Sunday” then it probably would do very well.

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