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Hugo Chavez: If they\’re going to embalm him then why are they having a funeral?

How does this work then?

A funeral\’s about the final disposition of earthly remains. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes (the latter more appropriate for cremations of course).

So what happens at the funeral of one being embalmed? From formaldehyde you were made and to formaldehyde you will return? Does everyone turn up with bits of pickled liver to throw at the coffin to symbolise the next process? Or is it a selection of preserved meats?

Just how does this work?

18 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez: If they\’re going to embalm him then why are they having a funeral?”

  1. Is there any chance you could sort out the IT? I keep getting old posts when I click on your site – I assume it’s not my end because yours is the only one where it happens.

  2. Yes, I can only access your latest offerings by clicking links to it from other blogs (usually Frances Coppola’s) .. If I click front page, it takes me back to previous day’s entries..

  3. Seems to work OK for me (other than some punctuation in the comments showing up as code, but it’s always done that).

  4. F & F

    If your browser bars the gateway to Tim’s magic world of WordPress, enter via the secret entrance of the archives – you haven’t heard this from me.

  5. Falco (and others),

    To get the latest posts from Tim, force your browser to refresh with Ctrl-F5. That’s hold down the Ctrl key whilst pressing function key 5.

    Alternatively use a news reader such as Google’s ( which gets all Tim’s outpourings the moment he’s posted them so you can comment straight away. Other news readers exist.

  6. I have an rss mailbox on my mac. Tim’s posts sail through with no problems.
    On the subject of the post, Maybe Chavez’ former countrymen need to see the cortege and hear the funeral service so as to be sure the late unlamented is truly dead?

  7. “Alternatively use a news reader such as Googles ( which gets all Tims outpourings the moment hes posted them so you can comment straight away. Other news readers exist.”

    Incredible, SBML, I never knew you worked for the BBC. Should we hold our F5 keys down with “sticky backed plastic” or as the non-BBC world knows it Celotape?

  8. You do realise a disrespectful post like this could be highly offensive to certain Venezuelans. Both of them, in fact.

  9. Thanks SadButMadLad, I’ve been having problems for weeks with Tim’s site but that ctrl F5 works a treat.

  10. There is something revolting about the idea of a human being being bandied about, post-mortem. And put on show like a curiosity in a museum, an exhibit.

    I remember the funeral of Khomeini, and how disgusting it became. Especially once the mob got out of control, and dragged the half naked cadaver of the emaciated old tyrant out of his open coffin. God that was gross. Not that I had any respect for the dirty old bugger.

    No way. Keep the faffing around with dead people to the absolute minimum so their families can pay their last respects, then burial or cremation.

  11. @IanB
    Judging by those members of the Venezuelan diaspora lifting their glasses to the demise of the fat fuck, neither of them are particularly bothered. My representative sample from the Colombian community’s more interested in getting her hair done.

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