Now here\’s an important question about Eastleigh

What are the election expenses limits in a byelection?

The Lib Dems bombarded the voters with half a million pieces of literature over the course of the campaign.

In a general election the limit is £30,000 per constituency I think. And you\’re not going to get leaflets printed for 6 pence each these days, are you?

So what is the byelection spending limit and did the Lib Dems go over it (as, it is rumoured, Huhne did when winning the seat last time?)?

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  1. “Parties are subject to expenditure limits at Parliamentary general elections, elections to the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, the Northern Ireland Assembly and the European Parliament. There are no separate limits on campaign expenditure incurred during local election campaigns; however, expenditure incurred at local elections must be included in a party’s expenditure return if the expenditure is incurred during a regulated period for another election.”

    So, no limit at byelections.

  2. One answer to Tim’s question is that political parties print some of their leaflets on THEIR OWN machines. And the labour to run those machines will be supplied for free in many cases.

  3. >And you’re not going to get leaflets printed for 6 pence each these days, are you?

    Depends on the leaflet.

    I can get a professional quality gloss full colour greeting card on 250 GSM board printed for 2p each commercially if I have a mere 10,000, so Hocus-Focus mags should be pretty cheap.

  4. I’ll remember the fact that they littered Eastleigh with half a million useless pieces of paper next time one of their smug eco-nazis sounds off about waste, the environment, etc etc

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