So we really do have a moron in government then

\’Ruthless\’ power chiefs should not use the cold snap and shortage of gas reserves as an excuse to increase fuel bills, the Energy Minister warned last night.

John Hayes has told power firms he will not allow them to argue they need to increase prices as a result of obtaining extra gas supplies at short notice.

In an attempt to calm fears of gas rationing, he said last night: \’There is no need to panic; the lights will not go out on my watch.

When things are in short supply and high demand then the price does have to go up. It is this which increases supply and reduces demand. Insisting that, in a market system, you will not allow the market to work is just a great way to make sure the lights do go out.

Yes, I know, there is no intelligence test to become a politician. But do we really have to have out and out morons doing the job?

12 thoughts on “So we really do have a moron in government then”

  1. And this is a government whose own policies are intended to drive up energy prices. Fuel poverty is a feature, not a bug, of their deliberately closing fossil fuel power plants and punitively taxing the remaining ones while committing the taxpayer to eyewatering subsidies for useless windfarms.

    Hang the fuckers. Every last one.

  2. Perhaps those of us who can’t afford to keep the heating on might be allowed to burn the politicians to keep warm?

  3. But you can see why he said it; most of the comments to the article say that the energy companies have been making profits and therefore shouldn’t be raising prices, and that energy supply should be run by the government. So if you want to appeal to ignorant morons who think that profits and competition are evil you would say exactly what he did.
    I would love to see the energy companies nationalised, because when prices have doubled and the grid starts going down on calm days politicians won’t have a scapegoat any more.

  4. Both the Telegraph and Mail are running stories on excess deaths due to cold weather. Please note that deaths due to cold weather are on top of the normal expected death rate which reverts to normal when temperatures rise unlike hot weather deaths which although represent a surge are followed by a drop below normal when temperatures abate . Over six weeks the cold weather has reduced the number of consumers by 6000.

  5. perhaps he envisages printing money to subsidise the purchase of Russian gas- I somehow don’t envision any supplier offering a sweetheart deal.

  6. Sbml : excess of deaths for the same time period, which is higher in winter anyway due to complications of seasonal illnesses like ‘flu. The cold increases the incidence of heart attack and stroke.

  7. Energy companies do not make massive profits as a percentage. British gas has tended to be around 5%. Thats British Gas, not Centrica for those who can’t tell the difference.
    Strip out the profit element and your combined gas/lecky bill can come down by under

  8. There is obviously a need for a new department of coo0rdinated utilisation and social cohesion. thus increasing the democratic distrubution of public needs.
    That is -rationing.

  9. I wonder how many of these 6000 extra deaths are due to thermal shock.

    It can’t be good for a fuel poor pensioner to go via ambulance from a 15 degree flat to a 25 degree hospital.

    Has any research been carried out on this?

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