The economics of Hugo Chavez

Latin American Caudillo rides commodity boom.

Nope, we\’ve never seen that before now have we?

6 thoughts on “The economics of Hugo Chavez”

  1. The Cuban government have praised Hugo Chavez saying that he embodied revolutionary socialism.

    Presumably they mean dead after a long period of rotting away from the inside.

  2. Fortunately for Chavez he actually had what most lefties here assume we have – a magic money tree (in guisebofvmassive oil reserves). Unfortunately Snr Chavez still seems to have run a disastrous economy.

  3. Chávez was a bad copy of Juan Domingo Perón, and Perón was a bad copy of… Benito Mussolini. I am a 68 years old uruguayan, who remembers Perón very well. Argentina is still suffering from Perón’s governments

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    We have rarely seen so much ar$e licking from the mainstream Left. Since the end of Stalinism, they seem berefit. I suppose every Wormtongue needs someone Great and Powerful to serve. If Mordor has fallen then some operatic semi-heroic buffoon far away will do.

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