The Guardian and numbers

Would it not be fairer to tax foreign deposit holders? They could then be compensated by the Russian government, which sits on over half a billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves.

Half a trillion subs…..half a trillion.

7 thoughts on “The Guardian and numbers”

  1. I wish someone would solve the update and inverted comma problem. Something broke 2-3 weeks ago and needs to be fixed.

  2. You could buy a lot of protection if you had a trillion at risk. And Russia has a real free market in wealth protection.

  3. I do not get an updated front page when arriving at the site, but have to use the ” Recent Entries” to leaf myself forward from March 14. I’ve blamed my browser, but I do not have any problems with other sites.

  4. In addition to content encoding problems, the comments page is over-aggressively caching so a hard refresh is needed to see new content.

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