The latest from the idiots at the World Development Movement

The government must take its commitment to tackle climate change seriously, and stop the UK finance sector pouring money into fossil fuels.

Or, the world\’s largest international financial centre must stop dealing with the world\’s largest international business.

Strangely, they entirely fail to mention people like Deben and Yeo.

2 thoughts on “The latest from the idiots at the World Development Movement”

  1. And now we get to the bottom of it all. The Greenies have taken over from the church and the clergy and just want to dictate to the rest of us how to live our lives.

    Well, fuck him, that is Moonbat and all the clowns that clamour for a carbon tax!

  2. I just like the way they serve up their propaganda sheet as a “research” report, as if that gives it more gravitas.

    But, then, nothing here that a carbon tax can’t solve.

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