The Swiss approach to executive pay

They\’ve rather got it right I would say. Certainly much more correct than the EU has.

5 thoughts on “The Swiss approach to executive pay”

  1. The sheer cant of the angry managers who’re interviewed in that piece is something to behold. “How dare the government give our bosses, the shareholders, power to determine what we do in their name with their money?!”

  2. Falco,

    I agree. The best comment on the Bloomberg piece was…….

    ……For too long, the separation of ownership and management is stacked against shareholders, they keep paying the fines, the management keeps getting the bonuses, golden handshakes, golden parachutes, leaving shareholders with the poison pill……..

    That is the real problem

  3. It was interesting yesterday to see the responses to the BBC website’s report on this. Almost without exception the commenters lauded the powers that they thought the Swiss government had abrogated to itself. Virtually none of them “got it” and realised that the power was being given to the shareholders, so keen were they to get on with a bit of ritualistic “banker bashing”.

  4. I dont know, I always thought that if you didnt like how much the boss of the company you own shares in was paid, you could always sell those shares.

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